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We Are Still One Family


As we witness a worldwide strong spike in trends such as building walls, hatred towards strangers, harsh division and exclusion in political and religious arenas, one can wonder whether the notion of being one family is still relevant.

My quick and short answer is “Yes”. The worldwide spread of the Coronavirus pandemic can testify to that. However, I’d like to explain my “yes” with some uplifting cases.

Throughout my travels for my speaking engagements, I continue to see and live experiences that strengthen my faith that regardless of our religion, race, social or political background, we are all one family.

When it comes to pulling together for the Human Development that I spend time promoting, I am blessed to see that from little children in kindergarten who pack their box of joy to some respected people like Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General

under President Obama, people are moved with the fire of love and compassion to help a fellow human being who is in need.

During one of my sessions, I noticed that Rama Yade, the former French Ambassador to the UNESCO and former Minister of Human Rights under President Nicholas Sarkozy, was stressing the notion of Human Family during our back and forth discussion. And I do believe that she had a point. What unites us all besides our family, country, religion or religious orders is our Human Nature. And that truth was tested in one of the speaking engagements and projects I organized with a group of students in Indiana. Throughout the 4-day activities that included talks, music concert and basketball charity game, Smith was the most active among the students. I assumed that he must be a good Christian or believer for being so dedicated to the cause we were promoting. But when I was about to head to the airport to fly home, Smith was among the students and faculty who walked me to the car. Then I asked him what was his religion. He told me “I’m atheist.” And then I asked: What motivated you to be so engaged and active throughout this process. He said because of a sentence that that touched me the most in your first presentation, “We are one human family”. I took note!

Spending much of my times in airports and on airplanes traveling, I hardly ever get to see the people with whom I work. However, I always feel their love and care through our email, video call communications and conferences. One time I flew down to Florida for a speaking engagement and I had a chance to stop by our Headquarters for a business meeting. What transpired was so moving: The ladies from the Development Department Office organized a belated birthday party for me. It was epic!

As we fight the Coronavirus pandemic, let’s remember and pray for one another, especially for scientists doing research and medical personnel in the front line because: Yes, We Are One Human Family.

by Fr. Pascal, cicm

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